The BeeAudio Process

BeeAudio utilizes a cloud-based system that leverages the best of today’s digital communication and data management capabilities and it is our team of experts that makes the Process work.

The Hive

BeeAudio has one of the largest rosters of highly trained Narrators in the digital audio world, many of whom are professionally trained actors and artists, and have been recognized for distinction by the prestigious Audie Awards. Our Narrators collaborate with our Editors on the technical side and our Proofers and Researchers on the content side.

All of BeeAudio’s team members go through rigorous screening and standardized training, assuring that performance is consistent and meets our exacting standards. Our leadership team maintains a fluid manual that captures the knowledge gained from producing thousands of hours of finished audio.

At BeeAudio everyone from the CEO on down shares in the proceeds of each book. Our Company Culture is driven by the interconnectedness of digital channels. Our team stays connected and builds relationships, both professional and personal, in dedicated forums integral to our workflow and corporate culture. We have perfected the virtual breakroom.

Our Process

Once you have chosen BeeAudio, we launch the process with our Casting Director. The right Narrator is assigned to your project in one of three ways: You select a Narrator by listening to audio samples on our website; our Casting Director gathers custom audition samples for you to review; or as do many of our clients, you trust our Casting Director to make the right choice of voice for your project.

The Researcher assigned to your project preps the manuscript in partnership with your Narrator who then begins voicing the project and sending each session’s audio files to the Proofer. The Proofer reviews the Narrator’s files after every session, making corrective notes for the Narrator. Our team is in constant communication before, during and after the voicing process. Team members communicate in a forum where all notes are shared with leadership and QC.

Our Narrators and Editors use only approved and standardized recording equipment and audio software. The Editor receives each audio file after the Proofer and formats the file to meet your technical specifications.  After all sessions are complete, the Editor masters the audio and sends the files to BeeAudio Quality Control for a final run through. The audio files are delivered to you in your specified format.


The most predictable part of the digital audio business is the text and for that reason we can offer a fixed price per finished hour of narration and can match or beat any price on any project.

For unique projects with special requirements, we will customize a program to meet your specific needs, always at an affordable price with the highest quality and a delivery date you can count on.


Our audiobook rates start at $435 per finished hour, which includes proofing, editing and providing you with a finished master.

Please contact us for a specific quote on your project.