Sarah Puckett

Sarah Puckett

Sarah Puckett

Sarah is a fan favorite for her sweetly husky voice and her passion for creating a unique audio adventure every time. She has brought over 100 books to life in audio. Providing full narration and production services from her Midwestern home studio, Sarah provides a clear and passionate audio adventure that engages listeners. She is professionally trained in narration acting, production, and audio engineering, blending these elements together to create a unique listening experience that draws the listener deeper into the story.


Romance - Paranormal
Romance - Modern


(Am.) Midwest
(Am.) Midwest
(Am.) Southern

Audio Samples:


Broken Little Melodies

Genre: Romance - Modern
Accents: (Am.) Southern

Daughter of Death

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Accents: (Am.) Midwest

Fighting Destiny

Genre: Fantasy
Accents: (Am.) Midwest


This Narrator does not have any Non-Fiction samples.
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