Reba Buhr

Reba Buhr

Reba Buhr

Reba Buhr is a critically acclaimed audiobook narrator with over 100 titles available on Audible. Originally from the Seattle area, she now lives and works in Los Angeles as an actor and voice actor. Reba has a BA from Occidental College in Theater and Classical voice and studies improv and sketch comedy with The Groundlings and UCB. She loves the opportunity audiobooks give her to play all kinds of characters she would never play on stage or screen! When she’s not playing professional pretend she’s hiking and camping, and is incredible at jigsaw puzzles.


Fantasy, YA/Teens
Romance - Paranormal
Horror, YA/Teens
Fantasy, Romance, YA/Teens
Romance - Modern


British (non-native)
(Am.) Southern
(Am.) Southern

Audio Samples:


Can’t Let You Go – Southern American Dialect

Genre: Romance - Modern
Accents: (Am.) Southern

Hunt Me

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, YA/Teens

The Good Demon

Genre: Horror, YA/Teens
Accents: (Am.) Southern


Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Accents: Russian

Watch Hollow

Genre: Fantasy, YA/Teens
Accents: British (non-native)


This Narrator does not have any Non-Fiction samples.
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