Kay Elúvian

Kay Elúvian

Kay Elúvian

Kay studied extensively with Pat Fraley, one of the most sought-after voiceover tutors in Hollywood. She attends regular acting and improv workshops to keep her skills sharp. She says that audiobooks take a listener by the hand for hours and she takes joy from being their storyteller, effectively bringing the author’s intent and voice to the listener’s ear. Kay works to understand the journey and to know what to highlight and what to downplay! To make the story work the way it’s meant to. Characters need to live and breathe, but also leave enough room for the listener to fill in some of the gaps with their own mind’s eye. Kay has released several audiobooks, as well as working on numerous other professional VoiceOver projects. She is a member of the Audiobook Creators Alliance.


Dystopian, Sci-Fi
Dystopian, Fantasy
Classics, Fantasy
Education, Travel/Adventure
Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Education, History, Military History
Historical Fiction, Romance - Historical
Humor, YA/Teens
Contemporary Fiction, YA/Teens
Animals/Pets, Bio/Memoir, Humor
Animals/Pets, Bio/Memoir, Humor


(Am.) New York/New Jersey
(Brt) Estuary, Romanian
(Am.) West Coast
(Am.) New England, Irish (Northern)
(Brt) Northern England - General
(Brt) Yorkshire

Audio Samples:



Genre: Contemporary Fiction, YA/Teens
Accents: (Am.) New England, Irish (Northern)

Okay You Can Get A Dog

Genre: Humor, YA/Teens
Accents: American

Paris Echo

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance - Historical
Accents: American

The Big Sleep

Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Accents: (Am.) West Coast

The Lord Of The Rings

Genre: Classics, Fantasy

The Secret Commonwealth

Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy
Accents: (Brt) Estuary, Romanian

The Testaments

Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi
Accents: (Am.) New York/New Jersey


All Creatures Great And Small

Genre: Animals/Pets, Bio/Memoir, Humor
Accents: (Brt) Northern England - General

All Creatures Great And Small

Genre: Animals/Pets, Bio/Memoir, Humor
Accents: (Brt) Yorkshire


Genre: Education, History, Military History

The Invisible City Beneath Paris

Genre: Education, Travel/Adventure

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