Megan Trout

Megan Trout

Megan Trout

Megan is a Bay Area-based actor and voice artist. She has been seen and heard on stage, screen, radio and in podcasts. No matter what form they take, she loves stories. She loves to create detailed, tangible worlds for her and her listeners to get lost in together. Megan enjoys most genres…but if she HAD to narrow it down she’d list: terrifying thrillers, poignant fiction, true crime, historical fiction and harrowing biographies of courageous women (in no particular order). Megan has trained with VoiceOne, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, The Moscow Art Theatre School and holds a degree in Theater Arts from San Francisco State University. When not performing behind the mic or on stage, she enjoys refining her skills on roller-skates and snuggling up with her grumpy calico, Adelaide.


Thriller, YA/Teens
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Fiction


British (non-native)

Audio Samples:


A Feigned Madness

Genre: Historical Fiction
Accents: Scottish

The Husband’s Secret

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Accents: British (non-native)

Two Can Keep a Secret

Genre: Thriller, YA/Teens


Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything

Genre: Bio/Memoir

Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course

Genre: Education

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