Meg Price

Meg Price

Meg Price

Meg has been in a recording booth since she was in the womb. Literally! As a child, she could be found on the floor of the booth fast asleep listening to her voiceover artists parents say “Please Press 1 for…” over and over. She then pursued acting all through a specialized high school and two years of a BA degree in theatre. After a few years of soul searching she realized her home was in front of that mic. She found her way back books and audiobooks. Combining her love for storytelling, acting, and a lifetime surrounded by audio work. Her adaptable voice produces a large vocal range that crafts vivid character worlds. When not in front of a mic she can be found in her kitchen or woodworking studio.


Historical Fiction
Fantasy, YA/Teens
Cozy Mystery


(Am.) Southern, British (non-native)

Audio Samples:


Cuthroat Cupcake

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Sky In the Deep

Genre: Fantasy

Strange the Dreamer

Genre: Fantasy, YA/Teens

The Giver of Stars

Genre: Historical Fiction
Accents: (Am.) Southern, British (non-native)


This Narrator does not have any Non-Fiction samples.
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