Laurie Winkel

Laurie Winkel

Laurie Winkel

Laurie got into voice work by studying with legendary dialect expert Paul Meier (founder of the IDEA archives) and by hosting the YA program for a nonprofit for the blind, Kansas Audio Reader. She speaks French fluently and, before diving into audiobooks, lived and performed for some time in France. She’s racking up some bizarre credits, playing a range of characters onscreen from Disney princesses to horror scream queens, and proving her audio versatility by narrating everything from cowboy romances to action-packed GameLit fantasy trolls. You can also catch her in a few VR video games. Her favorite is playing confident, power-hungry, whip-smart women…but villains will always be the most fun!


Travel/Adventure, YA/Teens
Romance - Modern, Western
History, Nonfiction


(Am.) Southern

Audio Samples:


Hometown Cowboy

Genre: Romance - Modern, Western
Accents: (Am.) Southern

The Coup de Grace

Accents: French

Two Girls

Genre: Travel/Adventure, YA/Teens


A Secret History of Paris

Genre: History, Nonfiction

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