John York

John York

John York

John has experience in Television Presenting, a background in both drama and musical theatre, and over 50 Audiobook Narration projects completed since March 2017. At just twenty, this is some achievement!   Johnny brings a youthful and versatile flavour to any vocal project – specializing in YA fiction and children’s literature, he  is enthusiastically open to working in all genres of audiobooks and all kinds of voice work.

John is originally from Yorkshire, but is equally happy in many British accents and has a neutral generally Southern British accent … but the flat ‘A’ surfaces from time to time.

John is a big supporter of Emotional Intelligence, and tries to practice Yoga and a Plant Based Diet – though he sometimes fails and eat biscuits.


Literary Fiction
Arts & Entertainment


(Am.) Southern
(Brt) RP
British English
(Brt) Cockney, (Brt) RP
(Brt) Northern England - General

Audio Samples:


Mrs. Hudson in New York

Genre: Mystery
Accents: (Brt) Cockney, (Brt) RP

The Adventures of Betty and Bo-Bob

Genre: Kids
Accents: (Brt) RP

Whiskey Devil

Genre: Literary Fiction
Accents: (Am.) Southern


Game of ThronesLore

Genre: Arts & Entertainment
Accents: (Brt) Northern England - General

Miss Rambo

Genre: Bio/Memoir
Accents: American

Roger Federer

Genre: Bio/Memoir
Accents: British English

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