Ferdelle Capistrano

Ferdelle Capistrano

Ferdelle Capistrano

Ferdelle was born in Toronto, Canada and is a proud Second City and University of Toronto alumna. Growing up Filipina-Canadian, she noticed how unrepresented she was in the entertainment industry. Determined to change that, she began the pursuit of being the best version of herself, and she discovered that it began with her voice. Ferdelle has worked as a professional snowboard instructor, singer-songwriter, teacher, comedienne and personal chef, but performing in the vocal booth was always like coming home. Her actual home is now in Los Angeles with her husband and two rescue dogs: Bruce Wayne and Anderson Pooper. Everyone in her family enjoys jazz, healthy eating, road trips, and watching cartoons.


Contemporary Fiction, YA/Teens
Chick Lit
Fiction - LGBTQ, Romance, YA/Teens


British (non-native)
(Am.) Filipino-American

Audio Samples:


My Heart Underwater

Genre: Fiction - LGBTQ, Romance, YA/Teens
Accents: (Am.) Filipino-American

Palm Beach Scandal

Genre: Chick Lit
Accents: British (non-native)

The Fault In Our Stars

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, YA/Teens

The Forgotten Daughter

Genre: YA/Teens
Accents: French-Canadian


This Narrator does not have any Non-Fiction samples.
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