Emma Fenney

Emma Fenney

Emma Fenney

Emma is an English actor and voice artist who has worked extensively in the UK and abroad. As an actor, her work includes Shakespeare, classical adaptations and new musicals. As a voice artist, she has worked in corporate voice over, audio drama and video games. Emma started narrating audiobooks in 2014 and (as a born chatterbox) found the work came very naturally to her! She now has the best part of 100 audiobooks under her belt, as well as an Audiofile Earphones Award. She records for a multitude of publishers for the UK and US market and her titles range from fantasy to thriller to historical fiction.


Historical Fiction
History, Nonfiction
Humor, Romance
Historical Fiction


(Brt) Yorkshire, French
(Brt) Newcastle – (Geordie)
(Brt) RP
(Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire
(Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire
(Brt) Estuary, (Brt) South West England (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset)
(Brt) RP
(Brt) Cockney, (Brt) Estuary, (Brt) Yorkshire, Australian, Irish
(Brt) Cockney, (Brt) RP

Audio Samples:


All the Lights Above Us

Genre: Historical Fiction
Accents: (Brt) Cockney, (Brt) RP


Genre: Travel/Adventure
Accents: (Brt) Cockney, (Brt) Estuary, (Brt) Yorkshire, Australian, Irish


Genre: Classics
Accents: (Brt) RP

The Beachside Flower Stall

Genre: Humor, Romance
Accents: (Brt) Estuary, (Brt) South West England (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset)

The Gruffalo

Genre: Kids
Accents: (Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire

The Missing Of Clairdelune

Genre: Fantasy
Accents: (Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire

The Rose Garden

Genre: Historical Fiction
Accents: (Brt) Newcastle – (Geordie)


The Mythology Book

Genre: History, Nonfiction
Accents: (Brt) RP

We’ll Always Have Paris

Genre: Bio/Memoir
Accents: (Brt) Yorkshire, French

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