Alex Wyndham

Alex Wyndham

Alex Wyndham

An Oxford University and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate Alex has narrated numerous books and popular series across the genres. He has also voiced everything from Apple iPad campaigns to fertilizer instructions, and starred on screen in several BBC and HBO shows and in various films and BBC 4 radio plays. He likes rock climbing and amateur history sleuthing. ‘Alex Wyndham is brilliant at summoning up the personalities in this exotic, exciting tale’ – Washington Post review of the audible US store No.1 bestseller ‘The Strangler Vine’ by M.J. Carter “Mr. Wyndham infuses Thomas’ words with such depth, such pain, such joy, such heartbreak… the emotion in his voice sometimes so raw that it almost hurt to listen to it, and he brought me to tears at least twice” – Audiogals review of ‘Last Christmas in Paris’ ‘Wyndham…creates a vocal tapestry of characters, from the highest nobility to the lowest of servants, including young children, weaving their voices effortlessly’ – Audiofile Magazine review of ‘The Salt Hendon Collection’ by Lucinda Brant


Literary Fiction
Romance - Historical
Business, Self-Help


(Brt) London, (Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire
(Brt) London
(Brt) RP
(Brt) RP
(Brt) London, (Brt) RP
(Brt) RP
(Brt) London, (Brt) RP, American
(Brt) RP

Audio Samples:



Genre: Thriller
Accents: (Brt) London, (Brt) RP, American

His Wicked Charm

Genre: Romance - Historical
Accents: (Brt) RP


Genre: Sci-Fi
Accents: (Brt) London, (Brt) RP

The Dragon Mage Wars

Genre: Fantasy
Accents: (Brt) RP

The Neighbours

Genre: Literary Fiction
Accents: (Brt) London

The Severed Realm

Genre: Fantasy
Accents: (Brt) London, (Brt) RP, (Brt) Yorkshire



Genre: Business, Self-Help
Accents: (Brt) RP

The Great Game

Genre: History
Accents: (Brt) RP

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