Adam Gold

Adam Gold

Adam Gold

Adam is stuntman-turned-actor-turned narrator, who decided to pursue a career that didn’t involve getting blown up and thrown off of buildings. With 30+ IMDB credits and multiple awards / nominations under his belt (including a “Best Actor”), he was then introduced to the world of Voice Acting—and fell in love. A lifelong impressionist, he has since been using his broad range and diverse array of accents to make a whole new world of characters, stories, and products come alive: his vocal talents can be heard in national commercials, animation, video games, and of course, audiobooks!


Fiction - LGBTQ
Crime, Military Fiction, Suspense
Education, Science


British (non-native)
(Am.) New York/New Jersey

Audio Samples:


Greatest Enemy

Genre: Crime, Military Fiction, Suspense

New Beginnings

Genre: Fiction - LGBTQ
Accents: (Am.) New York/New Jersey

The People’s Necromancer

Genre: Fantasy
Accents: British (non-native)


Anatomy of the Mind

Genre: Education, Science

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