Narrator Submissions

Thank you for your interest in Bee Audio. We maintain a roster of world-class narrators and welcome submissions from experienced narrators across the globe.



Mailing address:

Phone number:


Link or Website where we can hear your samples:

How many audiobooks have you recorded professionally and for what publishers? Were they at your home studio or elsewhere?

Please describe your recording setup (computer, microphone, DAW, editing software, etc.). Do you have your own booth?

All BeeAudio narrators are required to deliver clean punch recorded narration (or the equivalent) Do you punch and roll record your own narration? If not, how do you self-edit (remove basic mistakes) when recording?

How would you describe your vocal range/age?

What languages, other than English, do you speak fluently? Proficiently? How would you describe your native dialect?

Do you have any Union affiliations?

Formatting Your Sample: 

  • Recording software set at 16-bit, 44.1khz WAV mono – converted to FLAC.
  • No expansion/gating, or noise reduction processing.
  • Dynamic compression may be acceptable but must be approved by BeeAudio.
  • RMS Levels should be no lower than -30db, and never high enough to peak/clip.
  • Studio grade condenser microphone or high end large diaphragm microphone required with suitable preamp/digital interface.
  • Shock-mount and pop filter required.
  • The microphone should be between 4” and 6” away from narrator.
  • In addition, please include 30 seconds of your empty recording space to sample room tone.
  • The file name should include your name, the book title & genre.
  • At this time we are restricting submissions to audiobook narrators only. Please do not send us your voiceover reel.

Please upload a sample from your current home studio, typical of files you would be delivering to us should we work together (FLAC ONLY).