Meet Our Proofers


C.C. Almon

C.C. Almon is never found without at least one book in close proximity. She devours books so the family budget is very thankful for libraries and book sales.

She has a BA in Religious Education and an MDiv in Spiritual Care which led to becoming an ordained minister and hospital chaplain. The culmination of all the reading and studying has prepared her for the exciting adventure of proofing audio books. C.C., her husband Russell, and their daughter Damaris are enjoying a new season of life having moved from Texas to Edinburgh, Scotland. C.C. homeschools her daughter by day and designs knitting patterns at every other available moment all the while reading a book on her Kindle.


Judith Cope

Judith Cope is a former documentation specialist at Hewlett-Packard, where she created award-winning user manuals. Judith Cope has over 25 years’ experience as a freelance editor.

Her editing contains a perspective informed by a rich experiential and educational background. She holds a B.A. (History) from Wells College in Aurora, NY, a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master’s in Holistic Psychology from the University for Humanistic Studies in San Diego. An avid rower, she competes in regattas and enjoys imparting her love of the sport to adult and teenage novices.


Thomas Crawford

Thomas Crawford ashamedly admits that the dreaded gift of all adolescent Christmases–the dictionary–was his favorite Christmas gift ever.

Garner’s Modern American Usage was a close second, and thus began a life of that preposterously unbelievable phrase “getting lost in the dictionary” as well as nerding up on the latest grammar rules so as to monitor those around him. He holds a B.A. from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in the Humanities from Claremont Graduate University. He lives in Charlottesville, VA and is on a quest to concoct the perfect molasses cookie.


Raechelle Edmiston-Cyr

1/3 Librarian, 1/3 tomboy, and 1/3 girlie girl, Raechelle Edmiston-Cyr has been propelled on a book fueled pursuit of everything from Shakespeare…

right through the paranormal, to marine mammals since she began reading at age 3. There was only one way to package this: a four year pursuit of the illusive “Human Ecology” degree from College of the Atlantic. Raechelle is mom to two amazing homeschooled spirits who prize architecture and creativity above all else (for better or worse). She was a caring presence for her step-son who is currently studying at the school of hard knocks in Peru. If you need to find her, Raechelle can usually be found reading along the banks of a river or pond, overseeing the many outdoor adventures of her husband and sons.


Rachel Etchison

Reading has been a passion of Rachel Etchison‘s for as long as she can remember. As a child, she constantly asked anyone who was willing to read to her.

When she grew to read on her own, her nose was constantly stuck in a book. This love of reading led her to get a B.A. in Middle Level Education with a minor in English, as well as a Master’s in Reading. Sharing her love of reading has been her favorite part of teaching, and she has found a great appreciation for audiobooks in the classroom. When reading class books, she has her students alternate between listening to the audiobook and reading chapters on their own. This greatly helps her low level readers, as well as captures everyone’s interest through the narrator’s various character voices. Apart from reading, Rachel also loves to travel. She has been able to visit 14 countries, and she is excited to continue to add to that list as she and her husband move to London, England for a 2 year job transfer.


Sophie Galloway

Sophie Galloway is French but has been living in the U.S. for three years. She graduated with a master’s in American/French literatures and translation.

Working as a researcher for BeeAudio satisfies her inner nerd; she is indeed a book lover and enjoys learning about language as much as she is fond of tracking down errors and typos. Since she wants to develop a career revolving around literature and languages, she is also an associate editor at a newspaper, has been an intern at several publishing companies, and volunteers at her local library. In her free time, she loves to read, watch a variety of TV shows, and spend time around big goofy dogs. She also likes to play pool, explore the Pacific Northwest, and embark on missions to find Portland’s best hot chocolate.


Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia began working for BeeAudio about 2 years ago. She has been in a deep love with books and reading since she first learned how to read!

Ashley was an English major while attending college and takes an aggressive interest in all forms of books and reading. She was referred to BeeAudio by a friend, and this position fell into her hands like a miracle. In daily life, she pays close attention to detail and is one of those bothersome people who focus on the errors friends and family make when speaking, which she does feel terrible for, but is perfect for proofing audio! Ashley enjoys what she does with her fellow Bees immensely, and takes pride knowing that she contributed to the finished product of audiobooks of all kinds. In her spare time, you can finding her reading every chance she gets and also enjoys playing her ukulele no matter how much it hurts peoples ears!


Hannah Grenfell

A Colorado native, Hannah Grenfell fell in love with literature and writing at a very young age. She wrote epic stories in class and her teachers would…

have special read-out-loud sessions for her just so other kids in class could listen and be inspired by her creativity. As she grew up, Hannah developed a special affinity for the words of William Shakespeare and was drawn to a life in the spotlight, taking acting, vocal, and dance classes while appearing in stage productions in the community and at her schools. Hannah graduated with a BA from the Southern Oregon University theatre acting program and went on to understudy with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Along with audio proofing, Hannah continues to pursue her acting career while also dabbling in her many hobbies including Argentine Tango, photography, modeling, and a love for the outdoors.


Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl Hughes as a grade-schooler read nearly every volume of the Childhood of Famous Americans series in the school library, and the encyclopedia articles on U.S. presidents.

A self-acknowledged perfectionist by age five, she observes and does things with an awareness of symmetry and detail (even food preparation – because the eye eats first!) Cheryl pursued a career in physical therapy, disregarding an interest in words and literature, so initially her proofreading was limited to ergonomic evaluation reports and research proposals; she is still passionate about wellness and movement science. Yet she observes that even seemingly insignificant events along the way were preparatory to what she’s doing now. Cheryl has long watched movies and read with a dictionary or search engine at hand to look things up, and she is writing a book on the history of her childhood home, Burke Hollow, the land having been a grant to an ancestor in return for his Revolutionary War service. Cheryl finds it amusing that she came home from the first day of first grade and sat on the back porch with her mom, crying inconsolably because it seemed impossible that she would learn to READ!

Stephanie Kelley Picture-for-BeeAudio-150x150

Stephenie Kelley

Stephenie Kelley loves stories, of all kinds. She fell in love with reading and literature in high school, after reading Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.

It was a full immersion experience. After that she was never without a book in hand. During college she worked for a non-profit group that put on camps and day trips for people with developmental disabilities, and continued to volunteer after moving into her career as an educator. She worked for a number of years in the classroom with the goal of imparting the same love of learning and literature in her students, as she experienced. Stephenie currently lives in Scotland with her husband and very new daughter, and she is looking forward to instilling a love of language, literature, and learning in her daughter’s life.

katy-kidwell- image-150x150

Katy Kidwell

Katy Kidwell has been a lover of books throughout her life. As a young child, each night she would travel to far away places as her parents read to her from…

much loved classics. She would spend hours reading anything she could get her hands on, even instruction manuals when local library stocks had been exhausted. Over the years she travelled extensively and by age 21 had set foot on all seven continents. Katy went on to earn a Masters of Social Work and has practiced in a number of cross-cultural settings as she and her husband have moved around the world. Social work involves an unbelievable amount of paperwork with high stakes, and so Katy has developed an exacting attention to detail that she brings to her audio proofing as well. Katy now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and 15 month old son, Noah. Katy’s passion for reading continues, although these days much of her leisure reading involves such beloved titles as Goodnight Moon and Pat the Bunny.


Ann-Victoria Kuenzle

Ann-Victoria Kuenzle‘s love for stories began early in childhood, when her grandmother would tell her bedtime stories which included Camelot…

Gulliver’s Travels, and especially family geneology. Her elementary classmates would often become annoyed with her as she would frequently raise her hand and inform everyone that she was related to many of the historical figures her class studied. Today, Ann-Victoria greatly enjoys reading books from a wide range of topics, and is a self-proclaimed word nerd who is obsessed with word games. When not proofing audio books, Ann-Victoria loves traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband and daughter.


Bethany Leach

As a child, Bethany Leach drove her family a bit crazy by constantly reading aloud and correcting everyone’s grammar.  She was referred to, somewhat affectionately, as…

“the grammar police.” Her love of language has led her to live in various countries and earn a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics. She puts her love for language to use by teaching English as a Second Language, as well as audio proofing. Her current adventure finds her in Edinburgh, Scotland, where her husband is a student at the Divinity School. Perhaps her favorite hobby is travel, so much so that she backpacked through Europe and visited 22 countries while pregnant with her daughter.


Kristen Leach

Since teaching herself to read at the age of four, Kristen Leach has had a strong love for the written word. Loving both literature and grammar…

Kristen became the stereotypical, over zealous English student. One of her earliest memories is of teaching her younger siblings the difference between adverbs and adjectives. After graduating from college, Kristen managed a small bookstore before her jump into the audio book world. Nowadays, she and her husband live in southwest Missouri where her time is usually monopolized by their two lively young sons. In her rare free moments she enjoys sewing, gardening, and occasionally making and selling specialty cakes.


Jennifer Naylor

Jennifer Naylor grew up living for the Weekly Reader. It was no surprise to those who knew her then that she would end up working for 12 years at…

a library in Kansas City, Kansas. Driving home to southern Illinois 4 times a year for 12 years opened her up to the world of audio books and she has been hooked since. With hundreds if not thousands of listening hours she has acquired a good ear for quality work. Jennifer has a special interest in the dying and was a Hospice volunteer while living in Kansas. In her free time she likes to read about quantum physics, synchronicity, near death experiences and anything a little “different” from the norm. Jennifer’s family consists of 3 large dogs, a turtle, 4 fish and is still growing. You could say her second love is animals. First of course being audio books.


Suzanne Obendorf

Suzanne Obendorf‘s love of books began when she was quite young. She and her sister would sit on the couch while their mother read to them in…

her lovely voice taking them through history, adventure and mystery. As she got older, a book was never far from her hand. Every book in her small town library was read and even re-read. On a Saturday afternoon you would often find her lying on her bed, M & M’s in one hand and a book in the other. Not much has changed over the years as on a Saturday afternoon you will still find her reading a good book…only the place is different. She’s moved from a bedroom to a favorite coffee shop; no M & M’s but a Mocha is even better. Jobs from elementary school teacher to a house cleaning business have developed her eye for catching detail. BeeAudio has been a good fit, combining both. When not working, you might find Suzanne enjoying a meal with family and friends or singing in a small group or choir. However her favorite activity has not wavered over the years…..immersing herself in a good book remains the best!


Kris Osk

Born and raised in New Jersey and currently residing in Maryland, Kris Osk is one creative dude. Since his days as a wee lad, Kris has always been big into books, movies…

TV shows, comics, video games — essentially any form of story-driven entertainment. Majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Film Studies, Kris delved into writing during his college years, penning movie scripts for various student produced films. A short time later he found work in the gaming industry, acting as writer and general creative force behind several published game edition handbooks, all of which received high praise from the audience. In recent years, he has studied graphic design. Kris continues to work as a New Media producer, developing new creative projects all the time.


Jill Parker

Jill Parker‘s favorite pastime is reading; in fact, she doesn’t even go to the movies unless it’s to see a movie based on a book she’s read!

Growing up, she couldn’t wait to hit the mall to buy a new book. Now as a busy working mom, she’s very thankful for downloadable books and audio books and avoids the mall if at all possible! Jill holds a BA in Economics and an MS in Information Systems and worked as a Database Analyst and IT Project Manager in Silicon Valley during its heyday in the late 90s. A great eye for detail led Jill to the world of proofreading and allows her the luxury of working from home so she’s there for her two boys when they arrive home from school. When not proofreading audio books or financial reports, she keeps busy exploring Oregon with her family, volunteering at school, and chauffeuring her boys to whatever practice or event they need to attend. Her family is a bit ‘animal crazy’ at the moment with an aquatic frog, 2 cats, and 5 backyard chickens. As a season ticket holder for the Portland Timbers, Jill can be found at every home match standing in the Timbers Army, singing loud and proud for the boys in green!


Shannon Pestock

Shannon Pestock went to film school, then decided that life was simply too glamorous. She’s a librarian by day, a novelist and screenwriter by…

all the times that aren’t day (and sometimes also by day). A lifelong lover of books, Shannon finds working in a library a terrible temptation, since she found out they’re not actually paying her to sit at her desk and read. She took French in college and promptly forgot most of it, except for, perhaps, “I like to eat sandwiches.” She is currently teaching herself Latin, because she is just that cool.


Connie Ray

Connie Ray has devoted herself to writing ever since she got a D on her first high school honors English paper and realized that writing was not merely…

a school assignment but an art form that requires talent, practice, and study. She went on to become editor-in-chief of her school literary magazine and newspaper before getting a BA in English from Brigham Young University and studying literature for a semester in London, England. Since college, Connie has found creative outlets tutoring illiterate adults, teaching remedial English at a community college, and freelance writing and editing, which she now does full-time. When’s she’s not busy writing, proofing audio books, or taking care of her adorable son, Connie is teaching yoga or catching up on episodes of Downton Abbey (quit killing everyone off, already!).


Christina Shiffler

Pianist by trade, Mommy by day, language junkie by night: Christina Shiffler collects language scraps the way most people collect spare change.

She picked up some French in high school, some German while her family was stationed in Europe, and some Russian while teaching English in Kazakhstan. She always hoped her fun yet useless gift for pronouncing (but not speaking) languages would come in handy one day, and in her work at BeeAudio, it finally has. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Utah Christina worked in Harvard’s famous Widener Library. Proofing fulfills that most closely-held of all the librarianish traits: the urge to correct everyone else’s mistakes. If you really want to get Christina’s attention, call her by her roller derby nom de guerre: Moonfight Sonata.


Millie Anne Shipe

Millie Anne Shipe likes to read more then you do, or so she jokes. As a kid she begged her mom to extend her mandatory reading time, claiming it wasn’t long enough.

She also completed her local libraries summer reading challenge multiple times over in the same summer, every summer. Truly her happy place can be found in the written word. It was Shakespeare, though, who showed her that the only thing she liked, as much, if not better, is the way the written word felt in her mouth. Thus pursuing a dual degree in English and Theatre at James Madison University, with a riveting semester abroad in London, was the only logical path. From there she went on to perform professionally in commercials, films, theatres, and even for Disney and Sea World. While she still enjoys acting, she now has the pleasure of daily practicing the fine art of storytelling to her biggest fans/critics/children, while also experimenting with baking, knitting, and other general activities that fit her secret 70-year-old mentality. Aside from that – she just loves to laugh and be surprised.


Amber Snoek

Amber’s love for reading began at a young age; soon after learning to read, she converted her playhouse into a library.

She also has a passion for people. She earned her masters in human services and worked for several years as a supervisor in homes for teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. Amber currently resides in Chicago and enjoys exploring the city with her adorable son and husband.


DeLaine Triplitt

DeLaine Triplitt is a Certified Administrative Professional, business owner and mother of two grown children. As a child she found reading a chore.

However, as a mother of small children she began to look forward to bedtime stories as much as the children. Both children were early readers and mom’s love of reading grew along with theirs. Attention to detail was likely her most useful skill as an administrative assistant and one she brings to proofing. DeLaine has become a voracious reader preferring books to television still reads nightly for enjoyment and education. She says “Reading a good mystery turns off the list of details that need my attention and helps relax my business mind.” On a more personal note, DeLaine has a strong affinity for the oceans of the world and having earned a certification as an open water diver would love dive many different parts of the globe.


Noelle P. Wilson

Noelle P. Wilson was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of books began at a very early age, when her mom read aloud to her from Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends (one of her favorites to this day).

Noelle spends most of her days acting, writing and directing and loves proofing since it combines the best elements of all three. She is a photographer, whose work has been published in The New York Times and she loves to travel, having been to 15 countries and 23 states (including time spent living in both England and Australia). Noelle currently resides in a tiny New York City apartment with her husband, iMac, peace lily and large collection of plays, pressed pennies and whiskey.


Henry Zonio

Henry Zonio is a husband, dad, writer, and kid culture junkie. He also suffers from an acute case of intellectual schizophrenia.

Henry earned a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology, went on to work at various churches in children’s religious education, and is currently working on his Master’s thesis in sociology with an emphasis on children, families and religion. Growing up Henry could be found most days at the library so much so that he was on first-name basis with the library staff. When he wasn’t at the library, Henry served as the family editor-in-chief for his younger brother’s schoolwork as well as his dad’s work-related paperwork. When he’s not unconsciously proofreading whatever he is “leisurely” reading, Henry is busy conducting culinary experiments for his family.