Meet Our Editors

Brian Binning

At an early age, Brian Binning’s life-long interest in music and sound began after becoming captivated by a friend’s synthesizer. Despite pleas from his junior high music teacher, he hung up his saxophone and took up the keyboard instead.

His skills were honed through playing in the church and in various bands, and his first break came at age 18 when a family-friend-turned-filmmaker hired him to score a feature length film. Brian’s passion for audio led him to The Evergreen State College in Washington State where he studied sound design and audio engineering. Knowing firsthand the life changing influence of literature, editing audio books has been a perfect marriage of interest and talent for him. In his spare time, Brian likes to spend his days sailing the waters of Puget Sound or annoying his family and friends by insisting that his field recorder be with him at all times.

Paula Carmicino

Paula Carmicino attended New York University’s Film and Television program, specializing in video and audio editing. Since then she has worked editing audiobooks for New York Audio, Perkins School for the Blind, and now Bee Audio.

Her love of words and sound has also been the catalyst for one of her biggest passions – producing original hip hop music and rapping.

Bob Evoniuk

Blame it on a life-long love of language and dialects, particularly those of the American southeast where he’s from, coupled with several decades as a musician and producer fascinated with the workings of recording studios, sound quality and the mechanics of audio recording.

All have served to prepare Bob Evoniuk for his work with BeeAudio. As the father of two successfully grown and launched children, a musician and small business owner, Bob understands the value of teamwork for a fine-tuned enterprise such as BeeAudio. When not engineering or editing for BeeAudio, Bob can be found in the kitchen cooking up something good with his sweetheart or out with his band buddies playing bluegrass music.

Gary Keeney

While still an undergraduate, Gary Keeney began editing audiobooks at Blackstone Audio, where he was responsible for the engineering on dozens of books, including two Audie® Award-winning titles.

Eight years later, editing remains his passion and he is one of the most experienced users of ProTools software, with which he creates a warm and intimate sound that listeners love to hear. In his other life, Gary plays drums with Kolvane, a blues/American band that performs around 35 shows a year on the West Coast.

Bryon Lambert

Bryon Lambert

Bryon Lambert has worked in audio/video production for nearly 20 years, beginning as an AV geek, delivering and setting up equipment to classrooms while attending The University of Illinois at Springfield.

For two years Bryon worked in TV and video production before turning to a career as a professional in public broadcasting in Illinois and Oregon. Over the arc of his career, Bryon has recorded and edited both live music and spoken word. Upon his arrival to Oregon, Bryon wrote the curriculum for, and taught a semester of, Audio Productions at Southern Oregon University, where he put students through a tedious and, likely unnecessary, exercise in splicing reel-to-reel tape.

Justin Laughlin

A coffee addicted life form, drumming enthusiast, movie trailer addict, and an Oklahoma native.

After graduating the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona, he set sail to sunny Los Angeles and the world of film and TV post production. During his time in LA he worked as a re-recording mixer, sound editor, and dialog/ADR recordist. When he wasn’t chopping up dialog, Justin was an active member in the music scene serving as a live/studio drummer for various musical projects.

Fast-forward to 2012 and a month long road trip later, he was lead to “sunny” Portland. Justin spends his time playing drums around town and is currently working towards an EE degree with an emphasis in frequent napping.


Peter Munters

Audiobooks, literature, music and sound are Peter Munter‘s oldest and dearest friends, next to exciting grammar, syntax and etymology. Spending many Northern Virginia nights in the company of Tolkien, Bellairs…

Dahl and King, not to mention a thrilling throng of “Lil’ Misters and Misses”, he never thought he might one day take part in the creation of audiobooks himself. Lo and behold, fate works in sweet, mysterious ways. Peter studied classic languages, as well as the history of mathematics, science and philosophy at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, and has travelled the United States and a few other continents, performing live music and making records for over a decade. He currently works as a freelance songwriter/composer and audio engineer in Los Angeles while studying his way toward degrees in Entertainment Business and Recording Arts at the LA Film School. All work and career advancement aside, Peter is ever-questing after the perfect melody, steel bicycle and new ways to parse verbs in synthetic languages.

Greg Po

Greg Po came to this country at the tender age of five years old and was immediately thrown into the lion’s den known as kindergarten.

In navigating both cultural and language barriers, among which involved professing his love to another girl in the class with the gift of a delicately picked booger, Greg eventually developed an interest in the way humans express themselves. At Rutgers University, Greg immersed himself in both the world of words and the world of sounds, swimming in a sea of linguistics, communication, culture, and music theory classes. After graduation, Greg went on to pursue his passion of music production. As “Whiskers Po”, his music has reached radio stations such as Rinse.FM and has been licensed to media such as Comedy Central. Between music and editing, Greg DJs parties in the New York City area, skateboards, and hunts for silly cat memes on the internet. Meow.

Mike Shirokov

Mike has been working in the audiobook industry full-time since 2006.
He has edited, directed, and mastered over a thousand books for major publishers, including several Audie winners and finalists.
He speaks Russian and German.

Doug Siebum

Doug Siebum‘s career in Audio probably started when he was in high school helping his friends who were in Punk bands load in their equipment for shows. Eventually he decided to get his A.A. in Audio Production from Sacramento City College.

He later went on to get his B.A. from California State University Dominguez Hills in Audio Recording. Since then he has held all kinds of positions in the wide world of Audio. He has worked for online radio, theater, in stadium broadcast for pro sports, broadcast tv, sound fx editing, re-recording mixing, live sound, and even as a stagehand just to name a few of the positions that he has held. One of the highlights of his career was working as a stagehand for Marilyn Manson at Sunset Strip Music Festival in 2012 when the [then] two remaining members of the Doors got up on stage and they started performing “People Are Strange” together. Doug enjoys music, martial arts, working on movies, and spending time with friends. If you want to know more about Doug Siebum, you can read about him in the book Beyond Sound by Scott L. Phillips, Oxford University Press.

Andrei Tatu

Andrei Tatu developed his passion about sound as a teenager, building his own speakers, amplifiers, and discovering the wonders of synthesizers.

Later on, pointing his attention towards post production, sound design and following the dream of becoming a sound engineer, he pursued studies in mixing at Berklee College of Music where he gained a keen interest for the nature and emotional influence of the human voice which led him into audiobook editing and now, when he’s not working for BeeAudio he spends his free time as a music producer and sound designer for independent games and personal projects.