Meet Our Editors

Noah Kass

Noah has worked in sound design since 2008, and is psyched to be a part of the BeeAudio team as an editor. He loves to explore all the ways sound can be used to entertain, inform, relax, focus, heal, calm, and energize our minds.

Noah enjoys music, movies, concerts, nature, traveling, playing drums, watching and playing sports, and VR. As an advocate for music therapy and helping those with autism, and parents of autistic children, we can all use music and sound design in different ways to help those who aren’t able to experience new things for themselves, and we can use sound and music to help people with autism experience the world in a new way. A great therapeutic program for autistic children, teens, and adults, is one that allows the mind to reach out and connect with what we can all hear.

Tuviel Levi

BioAudio engineering and audiobook editing is Tuviel’s second career. A new start after serving in the Israeli Air Force as an F16 fighter plane mechanic.

After finishing his service, returning to the U.S. and getting his Federal License as an aircraft mechanic, he decided to change directions and do something creative, something truly fulfilling. Tuviel attended SAE institute in Emeryville, California completing his B.S. in Sound Arts. For the past 15 years Tuviel has thoroughly enjoyed recording bands and editing audiobooks. Tuviel currently owns and runs Interplay Recording & Multimedia located in Boulder, CO. When not recording bands or recording and editing audiobooks at the studio, Tuviel enjoys time off with his family as well as producing and composing in his favorite genre….Reggae music!!!

Mark Johnson

Mark has been editing and producing spoken word recordings for over 20 years. From his recording studio in southern Oregon, Bluejay Productions, Mark has produced many voice recordings for audio books, radio and television, and online streaming, as well as music recordings.

He holds a B.A. in Music and Recording Arts from California State University, Chico. Editing for Bee Audio offers him a nice break from the grind of recording and producing prima
donna rock stars and heady folk singer-songwriters. Mark also works as a monitor and front-of-house engineer for music and theater performances. In his free time, Mark enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, rockhounding and performing as a keyboardist and singer.


Bret Levick

Bret Levick is an acclaimed recording artist/songwriter/producer/mixing engineer who’s music can be heard in hundreds of network and cable TV shows, trailers and feature films

including most recently: Lucifer, Sons Of Anarchy, Shameless, Underground and The Call. His client list includes Apple, Universal, EMI, Sony, NFL, MLB, NBA and NASCAR among others.

Bret has also enjoyed editing and mastering nearly 150 audio books for Bee Audio since 2014 where he brings his obsession for audio quality and his commitment to teamwork.
When he’s not editing, recording, mixing or producing out of his his studio (French Bulldog Sound) in Talent, OR, you might catch Bret’s roots rock band, L.E.F.T., performing in theaters, wineries, festivals and other local Southern Oregon venues.
On a more personal note, Bret is a dedicated husband and father of one and in his spare time an avid political junkie/activist.

Andrei Tatu

Andrei Tatu developed his passion about sound as a teenager, building his own speakers, amplifiers, and discovering the wonders of synthesizers.

Later on, pointing his attention towards post production, sound design and following the dream of becoming a sound engineer, he pursued studies in mixing at Berklee College of Music where he gained a keen interest for the nature and emotional influence of the human voice which led him into audiobook editing and now, when he’s not working for BeeAudio he spends his free time as a music producer and sound designer for independent games and personal projects.

Justin Laughlin

A coffee addicted life form, drumming enthusiast, movie trailer addict, and an Oklahoma native.

After graduating the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona, he set sail to sunny Los Angeles and the world of film and TV post production. During his time in LA he worked as a re-recording mixer, sound editor, and dialog/ADR recordist. When he wasn’t chopping up dialog, Justin was an active member in the music scene serving as a live/studio drummer for various musical projects.

Fast-forward to 2012 and a month long road trip later, he was lead to “sunny” Portland. Justin spends his time playing drums around town and is currently working towards an EE degree with an emphasis in frequent napping.

Bob Evoniuk

Blame it on a life-long love of language and dialects, particularly those of the American southeast where he’s from, coupled with several decades as a musician and producer fascinated with the workings of recording studios, sound quality and the mechanics of audio recording.

All have served to prepare Bob Evoniuk for his work with BeeAudio. As the father of two successfully grown and launched children, a musician and small business owner, Bob understands the value of teamwork for a fine-tuned enterprise such as BeeAudio. When not engineering or editing for BeeAudio, Bob can be found in the kitchen cooking up something good with his sweetheart or out with his band buddies playing bluegrass music.

Paula Carmicino

Paula Carmicino attended New York University’s Film and Television program, specializing in video and audio editing. Since then she has worked editing audiobooks for New York Audio, Perkins School for the Blind, and now Bee Audio.

Her love of words and sound has also been the catalyst for one of her biggest passions – producing original hip hop music and rapping.