Jenn Goodheart-Smithe

Jenn Goodheart-Smithe


Jenn Goodheart-Smithe

Casting Director

Jenn has had a love for both storytelling and audio from an early age. This led Jenn down a winding path (via music production and broadcast) into a career as a live sound engineer for theatre, working on productions all over the UK and in London’s West End.

Jenn has spent her career working with performers of all kinds on that most powerful of all storytelling tools – the human voice – to ensure that the words resonate with clarity so the story can shine through.

Since her theatre days, Jenn has been editing and producing audiobooks for a range of audiobook production companies, and has long been noisily exalting the virtues of audiobooks to anyone who has not yet discovered their magic.

Jenn believes that an audio presentation of a story needs two core things: the right voice and a great recording. She looks forward to helping BeeAudio’s clients find the right voices for their stories, and to helping BeeAudio’s talented narrators deliver the best possible recordings.

These days, Jenn spends less time in theatres and is now most commonly found with her headphones on or her nose in a book, bobbing about on a canal boat in the heart of the UK.

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