Aubree Wisley

Aubree Wisley


Aubree Wisley

Production Manager

Growing up on a farm in Kansas City, Missouri gave Aubree the opportunity to digest book after book while enjoying the glow of a roaring fire. She quickly developed a fondness for literature and the written word. As a sufferer of “oldest child syndrome,” Aubree desires to be in control and know all the answers.

These qualities are manifested in her love of detail, precision and learning. Earning a BS in Psychology from Vanderbilt University equipped Aubree with the knowledge and skills it takes to work with people of all shapes and sizes. This unusual combination has found its perfect expression in an audiobook production company. However, it took some time to get there, with stops in customer service and finance and then a jump across the pond to the wilds of Edinburgh, Scotland before moving to Cambridge where her husband Luke completed his Ph.D. Aubree honed her love of audiobooks on her cross country drives home for the holidays. And then abroad, it was audiobooks that brought the comforting voices of home to the wild blue yonder. While in Edinburgh, Aubree began working for BeeAudio as a proofer where her love of detail served her well. Her skill as a team player, her leadership abilities and her knowledge of the cloud-based software solutions made her the perfect fit to wrangle the disparate elements into a coherent and high quality product on time, every time.

Aubree & her family now live in Adelaide, South Australia.  With the headphones aside, Aubree spends her time reading story after story to their kiddos Maggie and Aiden and their dog Luther.

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