Studio Certification

Consumers and publishers expect the highest production standards and consistently good sound quality in audiobooks and narrated media… and this is where we can help. The professional advice, support and information offered by the BeeAudio Studio Certification Course takes the guesswork out of the process.

The SCC is the new industry standard for the narrator with a home studio. With our stamp of approval, every publisher will know that you have what it takes to deliver great quality sound and a terrific finished product.

The SCC is divided into three parts and you can choose all of them or whatever particular skill set you need to learn.

About Our Studio Certification Course

Every aspiring narrator can benefit from the SCC which has been specifically designed with the home studio narrator in mind. Why? Because the recording landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years and we have been leading the charge and learning a great deal along the way.


By sharing our knowledge and the experience we have of working ‘remotely’ with hundreds of narrators in their own home studios, we can enable narrators and actors who have never before worked independently, to deliver home produced audiobooks (not to mention auditions and sample reads) of the high quality that the industry demands.


Having produced literally thousands of audiobooks, the vast majority of which have been remotely recorded by professional narrators working independently in home studios, and working with all of the major publishing houses, as well as being an Audible Approved Producer with ACX, BeeAudio is uniquely placed to offer the training and support narrators have been asking for.


We have designed this course to specifically meet the needs of the individual narrator.

What’s Involved?

The BeeAudio Studio Certification Course for Audiobook Narrators is divided into three stages, each stage containing two comprehensive separate parts, each with specific tasks and assignments. Each stage is designed to meet the needs of narrators at specific stages of their career and each part contains at least one assignment that will be evaluated and assessed by a team of experienced audiobook narrators, sound engineers and editors.


We know that not everyone will need support with punch and roll recording or setting up a home studio, any more than every narrator will necessarily want to learn how to master and produce a full audiobook, so we have made the Course adaptable to your needs, so that you can access support and knowledge that is applicable to you and the level of skill you need no matter where you are in your career. Personalized technical feedback and advice is given on every assignment and individual advice is given to every participant based on their recording software and studio set up. Because we know that narrators often work in isolation and many welcome feedback on their acting and performance skills, this is also available on request.


Those Narrators who choose to register for all three parts of the Course will gain all of the skills needed to work confidently in their own home studio, from setting up their recording space, through researching, performing, recording, proofing, correcting, editing and mastering audiobooks with a level of competence that has been recognized and acknowledged.

Explore the Course

Suitable for new narrators and for anyone wanting to set up a home studio from scratch. It is also designed to support narrators wanting to learn (or improve their technique) how to punch in corrections using the ‘punch and roll’ method of recording.

Part 1
  • Choosing the best space to record in
  • Dealing with noise
  • Soundproofing
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Some simple sound science
  • Room problems
  • What you need to buy
  • Setting up your mic and interface
  • Hums and buzzes
  • Installing your interface
  • Creating your first track

Assignment 1 – Test recording for audio settings and studio evaluation. When we receive this assignment you will be given detailed feedback and we may ask you to repeat the assignment if there are problems with your settings or set up.

Part 2
  • Default settings
  • Sample rate and bitrate
  • Input monitoring & Buffer size
  • Timecodes and timestamps
  • Audio playback
  • The playhead
  • File organization
  • Saving and naming files
  • Sorting out mistakes
  • Correction options, mark-up or punch and roll
  • How to Punch in corrections using PreSonus Studio One (Free version) or
  • Sony Soundforge 11 (for PC)

Assignment 2 – Recording a custom read, making corrections using punch and roll

Designed for more experienced narrators who would like to refine their editing and performance skills and is available to narrators who have no issues with their home studio set up or recording technique and who have already recorded at least four audiobooks in their own studio without any problems or issues arising, or those who have already completed Stage 1 of the Home Studio Audiobook Narrator Certification Course.

Part 1
  • Editing using room tone
  • Setting up Adobe Audition and Sony Soundforge
  • Optimizing your workspace
  • First pass editing
  • Zero crossings, deleting, cutting, copying and pasting
  • Cleaning up noise in edit
  • The Audiobook Challenge
  • Using good microphone technique to reduce mouth and breath noise
  • Working with PDF documents
  • An introduction to Spectral Editing in Adobe Audition

Assignment 3 – Record two contrasting texts reading from a PDF document and manually first pass edit you recording using Adobe Audition or Sony Soundforge. The first five minutes of your edited audio will be professionally proofed and the proofing sheet will be returned to you so you can complete the proofing, then correct and edit your audio which you will then return for further evaluation and feedback.

Part 2
  • Performance Skills
  • Research and preparation
  • Using accents
  • Changing gender & Character voices
  • Keeping track of your voices
  • Connecting with the text
  • Bringing the story to life
  • Creating vocal variety using vocal technique
  • Recording corrections
  • Modulation, phrasing, inflection, pitch, pause, pace, tone, emphasis & significance
  • Clarity
  • Emotional extremes
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Judging your own performance
  • Credits and Billboards
  • Production timing requirements

Assignment 4 – Record two short sample reads using punch and roll technique. One of these reads will then be returned to you with corrections that you will then record and edit into your original audio. The second read will be mastered for those moving forward to Part 3 of the Course.

Designed for experienced narrators wanting to produce audiobooks independently. Participation in Stage 3 is limited to narrators who have either completed stages 1 and 2, or who have six or more audiobooks to their credit, all of which have been self-recorded and delivered on time without any technical or performance issues arising.

Part 1
  • Inserting timed pauses
  • Checking your audio
  • Self-proofing on the fly or post recording
  • Mastering using Adobe Audition or Sony Soundforge
  • Creating a corrections sheet
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Inserting pickups and corrections
  • Contacting an author
  • Final editing
  • Preparing for mastering
  • The processes involved in mastering step by step

Assignment 5 – Final edit and master a three minute audio clip recorded from the supplied script (previously recorded in Part 2) and produce a new three minute sample of your own choice.

Part 2
  • Some golden rules
  • Uploading a finished audiobook for publication
  • Where and how to use your audiobook sample reads
  • Auditions and submissions
  • Converting book length to running time
  • Know your strengths
  • Time management
  • Being organized
  • Planning your schedule
  • What casting directors and producers need from you
  • PFH rates
  • Working to your strengths

Assignment 6 – Create three audiobook sample reads using texts of your own choice that showcase your abilities and skills; deliver them as fully finished and mastered.


The fee for each stage of the course is $250 USD. UK based narrators will pay the sterling equivalent based on the exchange rates current at the time payment is made. Those registering for two sections (either one and two, or two and three), will be eligible for a 10% discount; narrators registering for all three parts will be eligible for a 15% discount. Studio samples and a full audiobook profile should be sent with registration. Once accepted onto the Course, full payment (via PayPal) is due in advance.

For more information or to receive a registration form, please contact Helen Lloyd at the link below.