Authors & Small Publishers

A Note from James Adams – BeeAudio Founder & CEO:

Why You

As an author of 15 books myself, I feel your pain and I also feel your joy in finally having a book that is yours, the product of months of creativity. There is nothing quite like finishing a book but then there’s the challenge of getting it out there, of reaching the thousands of people who want to embrace your vision. In part, I set up BeeAudio to allow people like you and me access to a market that had previously been part of the closed world of publishing where it was extraordinarily difficult not just to find a publisher but then to get the work published to best effect. All that has changed and we’re here to make sure your work gets the exposure it deserves. It’s your book. Let it be brought to audio life so the world can listen.

Why Now

The audiobook world is exploding with thousands of new customers registering every month. When I published my latest book in 2016, I brought it out simultaneously in text and audio, as a hardback, paperback and as a digital download with accompanying social media to make sure it reached the maximum number of people. In today’s world, there is no middle ground, there is only maximum choice so that every prospective reader and listener can access your book in the format they want. You have decided to self-publish so you are already willing to make the investment in yourself and your creativity and you already know that audio is absolutely essential for your success.

Why Us

BeeAudio is easily the largest independent producer of audiobooks. We have over 400 narrators, editors and proofers who are trained not just in our proprietary production process but especially in the production values that are important to me as an author and as CEO of the company. When I set up BeeAudio, I had three goals in mind: I wanted to bring the same production values to the chaotic audiobook industry as I was used to when I was Managing Editor at the London Sunday Times. I wanted to bring together the finest professional talent in the industry. Finally, I wanted to control costs by running a very efficient company where every single person involved is invested in the success of your book. There are no employees at BeeAudio, no fat salaries. Instead, every person involved in production, including me, gets a fixed piece of the final cost of a finished hour of audio. BeeAudio is also an entirely virtual company so when we record a book, none of the money you pay goes towards paying for the office or expensive studios. You can be absolutely certain that all the money you pay goes towards making a professional finished product of which you can be justly proud. All the major publishers already use our services and so should you.

Let’s get started!

Our basic rate for audiobook production is $385 per finished hour. All projects will be billed for a minimum of $385 if the final running time is less than an hour. This price includes casting, narration, editing, quality control, and mastering.

We ask for a 50% deposit in order to initiate production. If at any point in the process, you change your mind, just let us know in writing and you’ll be charged only for the work that’s already been completed.

When the production is complete, we will send you an invoice based on the actual finished running time, followed by a link to download your distribution-ready mp3 audio files.

At that point, we step aside & you retain all rights to your audiobook.

Please answer the questions below to receive a customized estimate for the cost of producing your audiobook.

If you have questions that are not answered on our website, please contact us at