About Us


Roy Forbes


A graduate of Dartmouth College with an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, Roy brings over twenty-five years of senior level marketing, sales, operations and entrepreneurial experience with both start-ups and nationally recognized companies.

He is very involved in the community, having served as the volunteer president of two smaller education non-profits, chaired two hazard mitigation commissions for the City of Los Angeles, and various other volunteer activities in underserved communities in Los Angeles, for which he was presented with “Adult Volunteer of the Year” commendation by the city’s Mayor. When he’s not working, Roy can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, reading, volunteering in the community, fishing, backpacking in the Sierras, or playing ice hockey…and now, listening to audiobooks produced by BeeAudio Ltd!

Deanna Atkins

Pre-Production Manager

Deanna has always been the bookworm of her family. Growing up, she would often be reading a book while her siblings played basketball games outside. She frequently devoured entire series of books, and was a regular fixture at the local bookmobile.

This love of reading transitioned into a love of audio books during her long commutes to and from work. After earning her BA in Education from Indiana University, Deanna became a licensed teacher and worked in public schools for several years. Realizing that she preferred working with smaller groups, Deanna returned to school to obtain her master’s degree. Since then, she has worked in a variety of settings and has extensive experience managing high caseloads, working with clients, and providing detailed documentation for charts. Deanna began as a proofer with BeeAudio and is excited to work more closely with the team to provide audiobooks that will spark a love of reading in others.


Aubree Wisley

Production Manager

Growing up on a farm in Kansas City, Missouri gave Aubree the opportunity to digest book after book while enjoying the glow of a roaring fire. She quickly developed a fondness for literature and the written word. As a sufferer of “oldest child syndrome,” Aubree desires to be in control and know all the answers.

These qualities are manifested in her love of detail, precision and learning. Earning a BS in Psychology from Vanderbilt University equipped Aubree with the knowledge and skills it takes to work with people of all shapes and sizes. This unusual combination has found its perfect expression in an audiobook production company. However, it took some time to get there, with stops in customer service and finance and then a jump across the pond to the wilds of Edinburgh, Scotland before moving to Cambridge where her husband Luke completed his Ph.D. Aubree honed her love of audiobooks on her cross country drives home for the holidays. And then abroad, it was audiobooks that brought the comforting voices of home to the wild blue yonder. While in Edinburgh, Aubree began working for BeeAudio as a proofer where her love of detail served her well. Her skill as a team player, her leadership abilities and her knowledge of the cloud-based software solutions made her the perfect fit to wrangle the disparate elements into a coherent and high quality product on time, every time.

Aubree & her family now live in Adelaide, South Australia.  With the headphones aside, Aubree spends her time reading story after story to their kiddos Maggie and Aiden and their dog Luther.


James Adams

Founder BeeAudio

James was trained as a reporter in England where he graduated first in the country. He had a long career at the London Sunday Times where he became Managing Editor. He was the CEO of United Press International and was then the founder, Chairman and CEO of iDEFENSE, a cyber-intelligence organization…

with clients in the intelligence community, the government and Fortune 100 companies. The business was sold to Verisign in 2004 for $40m. He is a former member of the National Security Agency’s Advisory Board and the founding Chairman of the Technology Advisory Panel of the Signals Intelligence Directorate at NSA. At NSA, he was responsible for setting a new strategic direction for the 15,000 person Signals Intelligence Directorate to address the current and future very challenging high technology environment. He was the first recipient of the NSA’s Special Recognition Award for his “outstanding contributions” to the Agency. He is President of Hermes Group, an intelligence organization for the 21st century serving nation and market states and currently sits on the Board of 44Doors a mobile marketing solutions company. He is the author of 13 bestselling fiction and non-fiction books with an emphasis on warfare and intelligence. His most recent book, The Next World War, a study of information warfare, is published by Simon and Schuster. His other books include The Financing of Terror, Secret Armies, New Spies and two biographies, Sellout, the story of CIA spy Aldrich Ames and Bull’s Eye, the story of Iraqi supergun maker Gerry Bull. He is the author of the screenplay for Spycraft a videogame published by Activision. His written work has appeared all over the world in publications ranging from The New York Times to Asahi Shimbun. He is the narrator of around 175 audiobooks, both fiction and non-fiction. He is an enthusiastic rower and fly fisherman and lives with his wife and two daughters in Ashland, Oregon.

Our Editors are ProTools and Adobe Audition experts who work with our Narrators throughout the production process and master the audio in conjunction with our Quality Control Editors to create seamless high quality sound.

Our Proofers combine a love for literature and the spoken word with rigorous attention to detail, checking each session of the Narrator’s recordings for accuracy and consistency, making corrections and suggestions as the audio title comes to life.