BeeAudio combines the finest talent, the best technology and optimized efficiency to deliver the highest quality audiobooks and narrated media at the most competitive prices.

our groundbreaking approach has made us the go-to global production solution for publishers and content creators in the digital audio world.

The BeeAudio Process leverages the tools of today’s interconnected economy, making our model flexible and scalable to serve your needs big and small, and in territories worldwide.

The most recognized leaders in the publishing industry entrust their audio production to BeeAudio. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry and produce on demand, from 1 to 100,000 titles based on your needs.

BeeAudio has a roster of over 500 Narrators, many of whom have a lifetime’s experience on stage or in front of the microphone.  Our Narrators are joined by specialists in every area of audio production.  From our Producers and Casting Director to our Editors, Proofers and Researchers,  our expert teams collaborate throughout the production process through to Quality Control, delivering excellence to every project, every time.

The digital audio world is rapidly changing and BeeAudio is at the forefront. We have stripped out everything that does not serve your needs or your ability to capitalize on new opportunities. Ride the wave of the audio future.