BeeAudio combines the finest talent, the best technology and cloud-based solutions to deliver the highest quality audiobooks and narrated media at the most competitive prices.

BeeAudio is the go-to global production solution for publishers and content creators in the digital audio world.

The BeeAudio Process leverages the tools of our interconnected economy, making our model flexible and scalable to serve your needs big and small, and in territories worldwide.


BeeAudio works with some of the most recognized leaders in the publishing industry. We have produced over 4000 audiobooks and counting, providing turnkey infrastructure, excellence, and optimal cost efficiency. We offer a fixed price beginning at $325/£190 a finished hour.

We have a roster of over 300 Narrators, many of whom have a lifetime’s experience on stage or in front of the microphone. Our Narrators are supported by some of the best Editors in the business and a highly trained team of Researchers and Proofers.


The digital audio world is rapidly changing and BeeAudio is at the forefront. We have stripped out everything that does not serve your needs or your ability to capitalize on new opportunities. We are the wave of the audio future.

Win 6 Free Hours of Audiobook Production

Welcome to BeeAudio

BeeAudio brings to life high quality books and media for the audio revolution.

Whether your model demands expansion or a title requires that hard-to find voice, BeeAudio provides exceptional production solutions to meet your needs.

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